end to end booking time


team members to manage up to 4,000 staff movements per month


Fortune 500 companies use Fly2Work

The Challenge

The frustration and inefficiencies when it comes to booking and managing the travel and accommodation arrangements of Fly-In Fly-Out (FIFO) workers in the energy, resources and mining industries.

  • Inefficient and overcomplicated systems
  • Manual booking and management processes
  • Lack of intuitive systems and business agility
  • High costs with traditional travel booking methods

The Solution

IONYX designed and developed a unified platform to improve the operations, safety and cost-efficiencies of companies across the energy, resources, oil, gas and mining industries. This agile and unified software was branded Fly2Work.

  • A scalable platform to manage flights, transport & accommodation
  • A centralised system to allow for efficiency and control
  • Automate manual processes
  • Allow for real-time insight and live manifests
  • Built-in health surveys for all staff and contractor movements
  • A scalable platform that evolves with any business

When technology meets innovation

The SaaS platform can be white labelled and fully customised to suit Fly2Work client requirements, as well as seamless cross-integration capabilities.

Redefining business travel management

The Fly2Work dashboard provides live reporting and access to historic and future traveller and supplier data, including No-Show and Go-Show details.

  • Three-minute booking process
  • Live manifests, data and real-time management
  • One-step approvals and automated confirmations
  • Comprehensive reporting

The Results

A platform leading the way in cost-effective site travel management. Fly2Work allows complete oversight of all processes and the status of remote worker wellbeing and safety, reinforcing the culture of compassion and support in a company.

A simplified and more intelligent travel system for greater efficiency and compliance, delivering cost savings across small and large organisations.

The travel management app has since gone global and been adopted by key industry players such as Shell and QGC.

2-3 min

end-to-end booking time


team members to manage up to 4,000 staff movements per month


Fortune 500 companies use Fly2Work

Mike Hopgood
A frequent user of Fly2Work

“With the introduction of the Fly2Work system, it is now much simpler to share my schedule with my partner as well as my supervisors’. The introduction of the SMS notification has also been great. We are now better informed if there are delays or unplanned issues and with the consistency of one message to all travellers.”